“The energy auditor showed us how to adjust the settings to most efficiently run our heating system as well as explained the benefits of low-cost measures such as draught proofing.”
Judith Brown, The Sheldon Hotel, Eastbourne

Cutting More Than Just Hair – FREE help for hairdressers to cut their electricity bills and carbon footprint

Running a hair salon involves long days and hard work and so spending time going through your utility bills and looking for ways to save energy is probably not your top priority.









Left: Shelaine Siepel from SBP CIC. Right: Lighting, heating and water bills are big outgoings for salons

We are a not for profit business set up to help small and medium businesses save money and reduce their impact on the environment. We currently have some funding to come and do quick and practical energy saving reviews in Brighton and beyond. We can look at your lights, your heating, your waste, your water use and give you a practical set of tips to save money, reduce your carbon emissions and impact on the planet.

So what’s the catch? None! – apart from you only have a few weeks to benefit before the funding for this project runs out so call now or email not to see if you’re eligible and we’ll arrange a time to come and see you. or 01273 964239

How are you dealing with food waste in your business and at home?

By Johanne Kloster, CPH Business Copenhagen   A study conducted by the UN in 2011 shows that one third of the world’s food goes to waste! This has devastating implications for the environment, since rotting food in landfills produces methane, one of the greenhouse gases contributing heavily to global warming. 1 tonne of methane is […]

Utilise Plus Case Study: Park Cameras

Based in Burgess Hill, Park Cameras sells photography equipment, as well as offering printing services and photography courses. In early 2019, Park Cameras received a Utilise Plus grant from the Sustainable Business Partnership CIC to install energy-saving LED lights. This followed a fully-funded Utilise Plus energy audit they received in late 2018. Funded by the […]


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