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5 Tips to Save Energy in your Office


1) Monitor Energy Usage

Do you monitor your energy use or are you currently paying estimated bills?

Energy suppliers often estimate your use higher than it actually is, so it’s worth taking regular meter readings or installing a smart meter that does it for you.  How to get a smart meter


2) Heating/ Cooling detection sensors

Are your windows open while the heating/ air con is running? This is going to cost you. Encouraging staff to pay attention is a good idea but you can also install sensors that switch off the heating/ air con when  an open window has been detected. Here is an example where to find them

3) New lights

Old lights are inefficient, costly to run and hazardous to the environment. Installing LEDs will save you 50% or more on your lighting cost and pay back within 2 years or less*. Find out more

4) Automated Switch-Off

A lot of equipment, especially computers are left on stand by over night. Encouraging staff to be more mindful to switch things off is worthwhile but can be hard. Installing timers can be a good solution!

5) Heating unblocked

Your staff are feeling cold and keep turning the temperature up? First check what’s in front of your heater. Are boxes, tables and other stuff blocking it, preventing the heat from radiating around the room? Remove everything that’s blocking your heaters before turning up the thermostat.


*this is an average and varies with size of installation

Network Update- July

We are back  We scaled back during lockdown and are keenly watching as climate and sustainable business issues re-emerge. Covid-19 has changed the way we think about life, work, community and the way those things work together for better or worse. We are cautiously optimistic that we can use the crisis to make sustainable business […]

Utilise Plus Case Study: Park Cameras

Based in Burgess Hill, Park Cameras sells photography equipment, as well as offering printing services and photography courses. In early 2019, Park Cameras received a Utilise Plus grant from the Sustainable Business Partnership CIC to install energy-saving LED lights. This followed a fully-funded Utilise Plus energy audit they received in late 2018. Funded by the […]


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